Product Review - Bushnell Backtrack D-Tour Personal GPS

By Brian Latturner

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The Bushnell Backtrack D-Tour Personal GPS is designed to help a person find their way back to the car, or tent, or what have you. I don't get lost, so what I got out of it more than anything was being able to record my tracks (see where I've been when I get home) and also keep track of my elevation, travel distance and speed.

The most important thing I found is that this device really is a "must have" for youngsters who are just beginning to seperate from mom or dad while hiking and backpacking. I think all parents worry about their kids getting turned around and lost in the mountains. This device could make the difference between and a youngster getting lost and being terrified all night and returning to camp easily.

I think anyone going into unfamiliar territory should have one of these, or something similar. Bad things can happen when a person gets lost.

In addition to being able to mark the location of your camp or truck, you can also mark locations while on your hike. Say a water source, good camp spot, trail split, etc. Anyway, it's simple to use and small.

These devices run about $100.00.

I would highly recommend the use of lithium batteries with the unit. They last quite a bit longer than standard batteries.....and you don't want the batteries to go dead while out.


No Fear Outdoors - Community for Outdoor Enthusiasts