Mill Creek Canyon Mountain Biking - Utah

By Brian Latturner

What a fun ride! I did this ride on June 30th, 2012. It total, it was 17 miles and 2800 vertical feet up and 2800 down. Of course the down part of the ride was the funnest! It took me 2 hours to climb that 8.5 miles and about 50 minutes to come down. It's a fairly challenging climb on the bike because there isn't much forgiveness going up......not many places where you get to stop pedaling. It's steep.

I began the ride at the winter gate, as it doesn't open until July 1st, so the first 4 miles or so was paved, then after that it's a single path trail. It's a good trail though with very few rocky spots. It does offer some nice technical spots where making your way through rocks is needed.

This trail in my opinion is recommended for those who regularly ride uphill dirt trails. If most of your riding has been on flat ground, this one will bite you. You can always turn around though and it's pretty much all downhill coasting back to the car.