Good Times in Moab

By Brian Latturner

In March of 2012, my friend, Tomi Smith, and I headed for Moab for a two day hiking and rock crawling adventure. She hadn't been down there in many, many years and it had been a couple of years for me. We took my Polaris RZR and did some rock crawling. Hell's Revenge and Pritchett Canyon were the two known jeep trails we played on. Pritchett Canyon is where we reached a point in-which he had to winch up and try to climb up through some very steep, large, rocks. Yes, I tipped my machine over. Fun stuff though. We never did make it over the large rocks. You can see in the video that the rocks were probably a little more than RZR tires can handle.

Hell's Revenge proved to be a far funner and nicer ride. There were some challenging spots, but that's what made it so fun. The scenery was quite awesome on that ride too. If you watch the video clip, you'll see how incredible some of those jeeps down there are. It's amazing.

While on this adventure, we also found time for a little hiking and trail running. The two trails we did were the Portal trail just outside of Moab and the Corona Arch trail. Both were fun and great exercise. The arch was really cool to see and seeing rock climbers up on top of the arch had both Tomi and I wanting to do that too. That's the first arch either of us had ever been to, so it was pretty amazing.

As many of you already know, there are many adventures to be had in the Moab area. On my list is skydiving, rock climbing, mountain biking, more rock crawling and hiking, and I'd also like to raft and kayak the river. I see now why people return so many times every year. There's just so much to do! Fun stuff too!!