Three Awesome Peaks - Wyoming

By Brian Latturner

This was probably my funnest backpacking trip of 2011. This particular area is located in Western Wyoming, just north of the Snake River. The trailhead is only about 5 miles east of Alpine, Wyoming.

The trail goes up a canyon called Blind Canyon. The parking area does not look very heavily used and you could miss it while driving up the canyon, so keep your eyes peeled at about the 5 mile mark out of Alpine.

The trailhead is at about 5,800 feet and the first peak you reach on this trip is Red Peak, which is 9,700 feet in elevation and about 4 miles. The scenery all the way up is awesome, awesome, and only gets better.

From Red Peak you can continue north towards Indian Peak, which is about 3 miles and the elevation change isn't much. Observation Peak is another 2 miles northwest from Indian Peak, and again, not much elevation change.

From Red Peak all the way to Observation Peak, you can see the high Teton mountains to the north, Jackson Hole to the east and Palisades Reservoir to the west. That is the best part of the trip.

Water is available in a few places near the trail. One place you can fill up is just after you pass Red Peak. You'll see a trail split where one trail heads towards Indian Peak and the other goes west towards Palisades. If you follow that trail towards Palisades about 1/4 mile, you'll find a sweet spring. The next water I found was near Observation Peak in the rock slides on the north side.

I would recommend you make this a 2-3 night trip and also remember that this bear country. Take precautions.