Red Pine Lake, Little Cottonwood Canyon - Utah

By Brian Latturner

I just completed 19+ miles of running doing Ragnar (Wasatch Back) over the weekend, but I was needing to climb a mountain today (June 19th, 2012). So, I jumped in the car and made the short trip up Little Cottonwood Canyon here above the Salt Lake Valley.

I made the choice about halfway up the canyon to hit a trail I had never been up before. I knew where it went, but had never ventured up it. It ended up being a great run/hike. I can't run the entire trail, only about half before I have to slow to a walk to catch my breath, which gives me a little time to take in the scenery anyway.

In all, I climbed 2400 vertical feet and about 3 miles to Upper Red Pine Lake. It was well worth the travel. Beautiful place for sure. The river was roaring, the air was clean and clear, and I came home feeling so good.

This is a great hike for anyone with a few hours to spare. Neat place! Take a look at the photos below.