Hiking in Zion

By Brian Latturner

Zion National Park in southern Utah has to be one of my favorite places to visit and hike. In October of 2011, I made my way down there and did a little hiking on a warm weekend with my friend, Tomi. We actually only knocked out one hike, which was the Angel's Landing trek.

Angels Landing is not only a great trail because of the scenery, but also because it's a great distance and vertical climb for a good workout. The distance to the top is 2.4 miles and 1500 vertical feet. It you get nervous looking off ledges that drop a thousand feet, expect to get nervous.

The last portion of the trail goes up a steep ridge that is very narrow. There are chains to hang on to as you make your way up. Expect also, if the park is crowded, to make your way up and down slowly because of the crowds.

If you're going to Zion National Park, the Angels Landing and the Narrows are two hikes that you need to do. Fun stuff. I'll tell you more about the Narrows in another article. I need to get back down there and go as far up the Narrows as possible.